Combo #657 (Kathleen Magner-Rios)

By on janvier 24, 2021
Lens:  Stavros 
Film:  Uchitel 20 
Flash:  Triple Crown 
Clarity: 75 • Definition: 0 • Highlights: -20
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"Nearly fifteen years ago, I hooked myself to a partner that cannot sit still. He is a true wanderer and through osmosis, I too have become a wanderer; but as the saying goes, all those that wander are not lost. In the early days I would keep a log of our trips but that has gone by the wayside. Luckily, I am a ravenous photographer and he, a patient participant, so every trip is documented with hundreds of images. Enter 2020.... When Covid hit in March and we were curtailed, we had already visited Santa Fe and Saint Martin with Paris and New Orleans on the horizon. Now, as I type, it is day #299 and I’ve long since grown weary of my surroundings. Fortunately, I have an extensive library of travel images to reminisce through. In October, Hipsta365 did a week long theme of travel so it was a great reason to dig in and resurrect some old shots. I chose to spend the week posting my images edited with Stavros/Uchitel 20 and Standard flash to give each one a vintage postcard feel. I did this because our travels feel like a long ago and distant memory. Fingers are crossed that we will all see restrictions lifted and some sense of normalcy return here in 2021."
Kathleen Magner-Rios


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