Combo #658 (Chou DelaPoste)

By on January 28, 2021
Lens:  Aurora NCL (68%) 
Film:  Gotland 
Flash:  Apollo  
Clarity: 10 • Definition: 10 • Highlights: -26 • Vibrancy: +20 • Texture: 36


"A few weeks ago, a friend was telling me of his discovery of old painted postcards, how outdated, yet beautiful and poetic, he had found them. The thought stayed with me. I remembered a couple of post-war postcards I had found in a box at home when I was a child. They were, indeed, totally fascinating. This gave me the idea to attempt a combo in Hipstamatic that would bring back some of those wonderful, yet not quite natural, colours. They are applied here to a series of shots taken in Marrakech, and on a day trip through the Atlas Mountains on our way to Ouarzazate and Aïd Benhadou."
Chou DelaPoste

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