Combo #660 (Chou DelaPoste)

By on March 7, 2021
Lens:  Jane (42%) 
Film:  Telegraph 
Flash:  Laser Lemon Gel (25%) 
Exposure: -0.0 • Clarity: 20 • Shadows: +20 • Vibrancy: +30 • Texture: 40


"Hipstamatic is the ideal travel companion. The extensive selection of elements allows you to create unique combinations for each situation or location. A couple years ago, we were in Mexico for a few months, for work. It is a country of light, colours, warmth, and contrasts. Very early during our stay, I looked at creating a bright combo that would share the warmth of the ocres, while enhancing the blue sky. I like Telegraph's slightly desaturated look which calms the heat of certain colours while still retaining the warmth. Jane was an easy “go to” lens; it seems to rock any type of sunny day. Finally, using Laser Lemon Gel was a nice way to bring yellow/gold out of the desaturated colours."
Chou DelaPoste

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