The Hipstography Awards 2014 – Nominees for Monochrome Portfolio of the Year

By on janvier 23, 2015

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'Post-scriptum' by Benjamin Girette

Name: Benjamin Girette
Hometown: Paris
Resides: Paris
Profession: Photographer, photojournalist
Hobbies: Photography, literature, painting
Hipstographer since: 2011
Year of Birth: 1986

Favorite Combo:  John S  +  D-Type Plate 
Favorite Lens:  John S 
Favorite Film:  D-Type Plate 
Favorite Flash: None

"These photos are from a magazine, which is published almost daily on Instagram. They are visual notes, stolen moments, archived and broadcast perpetually on IG. "Postscriptum" is an informal platform allowing me to publish whatever I want and it compliments my 24X36 photographs nicely. This series, however, is a lot more personal, and a lot less deliberate..."
Benjamin Girette



'Monochrome Dreams' by Jozef Hipp

jozef_hipp_monochrome_dreams_portraitName: Jozef Hipp
Hometown: Horna Kralova, Slovakia
Resides: Zagreb, Croatia
Profession: English and Slovak language teacher
Hobbies: Photography, music, art, tea, nature...
Hipstographer since: August 2011
Year of Birth: 1988

Favorite Combo:  Florence  +  Irom 2000 
Favorite Lens:  Florence 
Favorite Film:  US1776 
Favorite Flash: All color flashes

"Flowers have always been my weakness. I love everything about them, their colors, their scent, their fragility but also their irresistibility which can even be deadly. They may fade with time but their beauty is timeless. I may have discovered Robert Mapplethorpe’s photography a bit late, but I have always felt a strong and instant connection to his portraiture and especially to his amazing floral photography. I was captivated by the harmonious compositions and unique use of light. His body of work inspired me to strip away the colors and use tones of gray, white and especially deep black instead. He was very fond of the immersive blackness, the kind you can lose yourself in and wonder if there is something lurking in it. I took a lamp and made the room perfectly dark. The focused light created beautiful shapes, shadows and illuminated the white flowers in a somewhat ghostly manner. Manipulating the light can feel very empowering which I hope translates in the pictures. I also used natural sunlight with a grey background to produce the prominent grey images. I have chosen the MultiExposure kit to add my personal touch and connect the flowers with the portraiture elements. One has to think ahead and plan carefully when working with multiple exposures and many times it won’t work perfectly, but sometimes something truly unique emerges."
Jozef Hipp



'Chicago Baseball' by Scott Strazzante

ScottStrazzante_portraitName: Scott Strazzante
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Resides: Yorkville, Illinois
Profession: Chicago Tribune staff photographer
Hobbies: Hiking, Movies, Photography
Hipstographer since: December 2011
Year of Birth: 1964

Favorite Combo:  John S  +  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Lens:  John S 
Favorite Film:  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Flash: None

"April baseball in Chicago can be dreary. Cold temperatures, small crowds and, usually, bad play add up to a less than stellar product. This set of images comes from pregame wanderings at two early season games- the Cubs at Wrigley Field on April 8th and the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field on April 16th."
Scott Strazzante



‘The Beauty of Imperfection’ by Ahmad Zamroni

Name: Ahmad Zamroni/Roni
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Resides: Jakarta, Indonesia
Profession: Photographer
Hobbies: Coffee and Traveling
Hipstographer since: 2011
Year of Birth: 1976

Favorite Combo:  John S  +  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Lens:  John S 
Favorite Film:  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Flash: None

"I am an Indonesian photojournalist working in Jakarta. As a photojournalist, capturing pictures with a cell phone camera is like an escape from my tight daily schedule, and liberates me from the obligation to produce works that meet the formal standards of 'perfection' that apply with a DSLR camera.
In fact, using a using cell phone camera, especially 'Hipstamatic', revolutionizes the whole notion of 'imperfection', and enables us to see things differently. With a cell phone camera, there is no problem if the photos produced do not have depth, or are grainy, if there is lighting leakage or colour disharmony. The standard rules do not apply and at times what we realize is that beauty and imperfection can coincide quite wondrously."

Ahmad Zamroni



'Day-by-Day' by Remy Perrin

remy_perrin_p1_portraitName: Remy Perrin
Hometown: Saint-Etienne, France
Resides: Saint-Etienne, France
Profession: Independent Photo Journalist
Hobbies: Photography, of course… music, jazz, cinema and literature
Hipstographer since: 2013
Year of Birth: 1979
Favorite Combo:  John S  +  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Lens:  John S 
Favorite Film:  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Flash: None

"Because I am heavily influenced by a "humanitarian" approach to things in general, I am interested in "social" photography, whether that be journalism, documentary or simple street photography. I always try to infuse my professional as well as my personal work with "a story". I keep a keen eye on the latest technologies and when I discovered Hipstamatic, it seemed like such a creative and discrete tool that I tend to use it as a kind of notebook. If the picture happens to be one that moves me, it doesn’t matter whether it was taken with a professional reflex camera or an old Polaroid… The aim is to produce a good picture but that’s another story. "
Remy Perrin



'Cinéma Vérité' by Jose J. Lang-Lenton

jose_j_lang_lenton_p1_portraitNom: Jose J. Lang-Lenton
Ville natale: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Résidence: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Profession: Economiste
Hobbies: La musique et la photo
Hipstographer depuis: 2012
Date de naissance: 1974

Favorite Combo:  John S  +  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Lens:  John S 
Favorite Film:  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Flash: Never use it

"Sharing photos on the web is how I learned everything I know about photography and the app related culture in mobile photography. As a visual artist, I have always been interested in cinema. I have had a strong enthusiasm for film since I was a teenager – with this uncontrollable need to see every film I could. As such, I developed a passion for many filmmakers, especially those from the classic Hollywood era and the more art-oriented Europeans from the 50s and 60s. My interests in black and white photography have a strong relation to my love of these films, and Hipstamatic plays a huge role in letting me achieve the mood and aesthetic that I am so keen of. Nowadays, I rarely see a movie, but I take photos almost every day. I like everything about photography, but it has only been in the last year that I discovered street photography. The uncertainty I feel every time I go out shooting is thrilling and not knowing what I will discover or where will I end my walks is inspiring. The best part of all this is being out on the streets, meeting people and their stories or just observing urban life. There is a strange beauty in candid pictures that is difficult for me to explain, but it is what matters to me and is why I do what I do with the camera these days."
Jose J. Lang-Lenton



'Untitled' by Stéphane Arnaud

Stephane-Arnaud-p1-portraitName: Stéphane Arnaud
Hometown: Paris
Resides: Paris
Profession: Journalist
Hobbies: Photography
Hipstographer since: 2012
Year of Birth: 1972

Favorite Combo:  John S  +  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Lens:  John S 
Favorite Film:  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Flash: None

"I began photographing in the street when I purchased my first iPhone in 2012. I had always been interested in taking photos but I now finds inspiration in the freedom and secrecy the iPhone provides me. I do not have to decide if I will go take pictures or not: I can take pictures all the time, everywhere.
Street Photography, for me, is about life! The life that is in every day, in every moment. It's paying special attention to everything around us, including the smallest things, the most insignificant. And it's pretty staggering to think that everything, absolutely everything, can potentially make an interesting photo! So I always try to go without preconceived ideas. I’ve realized that it is when I "let go" and let my instincts take over, that the most interesting photos are made.
For me black and white, above all, is about getting down to the essence of the moment. It prevents colors and shapes that can distract from interfering with the eyes."

Stéphane Arnaud


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