‘Bags of Time at the Pullman’ par Clare Taylor

By on décembre 3, 2020

Clare-Taylor-Bags-portraitNom: Clare Taylor
Ville natale: Melbourne, Australia
Résidence: Melbourne, Australia
Profession: Professeur
Hobbies: La photo, le dessin, la nage, la lecture, le collage,...
Hipstographer depuis: 2012
Date de naissance: 1975

Combo préféré:  Jane  +  Robusta 
Objectif préféré:  Jane 
Film préféré:  Blanko Bl4 
Flash préféré:  Triple Crown 

"I recently completed two weeks compulsory hotel quarantine in Adelaide after returning home to Australia after a long absence. Unable to fly into my hometown Melbourne, my partner and I flew into South Australia and slowly inched our way to Victoria.

This project was inspired by a number of things. Three meals a day were delivered in paper bags and as I saw them piling up I was reminded of the Saul Steinburg and Inge Morath mask series made between 1956 and 1962. I decided to try my hand at something similar, made a different mask each day and staged each shot in a different part of the small hotel room we had been provided. I shared the images in a private Facebook group the hotel had established for ‘guests’ who were in quarantine. The rationale behind the group was for people in a similar situation to communicate and share their experiences. My hope in sharing these images with the group was to provide some lighthearted relief in a bizarre and somewhat difficult situation. The mask making process and taking the photos provided a focus for me each day and gave me great joy. Each image was captioned to reflect either how I was feeling about quarantine or something that had happened during our time in isolation.

I called the series ‘Bags of Time at the Pullman’ and shared an image each day for twelve days. I have included a few of the ‘outtakes’ here as well.

Combos vary slightly but I have used a combination of Jane lens and Claunch film with different flashes for the black and white images and Burke lens and Ina’s 1969 film for the colour instalments (with the exception of the ‘apple shot’ where I selected Pearl instead of Burke)."
Clare Taylor


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