‘Endings and Beginnings’ par Lydia Cassatt

By on février 15, 2019

Lydia-Cassatt-Maine-portraitNom: Lydia Cassatt
Ville natale: Brooksville, Maine
Résidence: Brooksville, Maine
Profession: Artiste, Photographe
Hobbies: Les voyages, le Yoga, la cuisine pour les amis,...
Hipstographer depuis: 2012
Date de naissance: 1955

Combo préféré: Impossible de n'en choisir qu'un
Objectif préféré:  Lumière 
Film préféré:  Hackney 
Flash préféré:  Apollo 

"I call this portfolio "Endings and Beginnings" in reference to my love of photographing early in the mornings and in the late afternoons. I chose this combo because I wanted the mood of those times and Sergio adds warmth while Love 81 gives the texture that I love. All of these photos were taken on walks around my town in rural Maine. I go back to these places again and again. Each time, the places reveal more depth and nuance. It is my sense of place."
Lydia Cassatt



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