‘My Hipstamatic Year (2020)’ par Stephen Littrell

By on janvier 20, 2021

Stephen-Littrell-My-Hipstamatic-Year-portraitNom: Stephen Littrell
Ville natale: Manhattan, Kansas
Résidence: Austin, Texas
Profession: Libraire à L'université du Texas
Hobbies: La lecture, les voyages
Hipstographer depuis: 2013
Date de naissance: 1954

Combo préféré:  John S  +  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Objectif préféré:  Beard 
Film préféré:  AO BW 
Flash préféré:  Apollo 


"I just completed my seventh 365 project and have started on one for 2021. Participation in a 365 project is a great  way to discover that interesting pictures can be taken no matter where you are. These projects become easier over time. Now taking pictures each and every day is as natural as breathing."
Stephen Littrell


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