‘Portugal Story’ par Dorota Skowrońska

By on juillet 23, 2018

Nom: Dorota Skowrońska
Ville natale: Varsovie, Pologne
Résidence: Varsovie, Pologne
Profession: HR
Hobbies: La photo, les voyages
Hipstographer depuis: 2013
Date de naissance: 1968

Combo préféré:  Madalena  +  Stand Up 
Objectif préféré:  Jane 
Film préféré:  Estrada 
Flash préféré: Aucun

"As Mariza sang, many years ago, I too was touched profoundly by the "beijo de saudade": the kiss of mournful longing for Portugal. When my longing becomes overwhelming, I travel there to quiet it. It’s small but beautiful, with Spain as its "big brother". The Portuguese, however, stare straight into the neighboring waves of the Atlantic Ocean.
I enjoy being in Porto on the banks of the Douro River in the shadow of the Eiffel-style iron bridge. I love sauntering around Lisbon looking for the mouth of the river Tag, also known by the locals as the Straw Sea of Lisbon, or being lost in the hills of Alfama.
Besides the wonderful beaches with their yellow cliffs in Algarve, it’s worth spending sunset at Saint Vincet Cape, contemplating the infinity of the ocean… feel "saudade" for the sailors.
I chose the Tejas lens and the Kodot XGrizzled film to highlight the golden ochre colors during the day and the smoky ambience at dawn. Maybe it wasn’t a sorrowful kiss; maybe it was "mordida de saudade" - a bite of sorrow, because I already long to return."

Dorota Skowrońska


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