The Hipstography Awards 2015 – Nominees for Documentary Combo of the Year

By on janvier 27, 2016

Quels sont vos 3 combos préférés? Vous pouvez voter pour un seul portfolio, pour deux ou pour trois; trois étant le maximum. Un seul vote par personne est autorisé.

En raison du nombre important de photos, le chargement des séries de photos peut prendre quelques minutes. Nous vous demandons donc un peu de patience.

Fin des votes pour cette catégorie: le samedi 30 janvier.

Remarque pour les lecteurs francophones: étant seul à gérer le site, il m'est impossible de copier les textes accompagnants les portfolios dans les deux langues. Je n'ai donc gardé que l'anglais. Merci de votre compréhension.


Combo #356 (Angelique Marchanda-Peres)

Lens:  Eric 
Film:  Manneken 
Using: Oggl


"India is a land that can be overpowering on the senses. People who visit there for the first time have gone so far as to describe it as an assault, but as you get used to it you start to appreciate the sounds, smells and vibrant colours- especially the colours, because they practically hum with energy and life!
I found the Eric lens was the perfect companion to these colors of India because it celebrated the country's rich palette with vivid saturation that can sometimes feel it's come straight out of a paintbox. I also enjoyed the addition of random light leaks and huge contrasts within the image. It brings out the frenetic energy that is India and does especially well on blues and pinks which is great as those two colors are found in abundance in India!"

Angelique Manchanda-Peres


Combo #362 (Connie Gardner Rosenthal)

Lens:  Jane 
Film:  Blanko Freedom13 
Using: Oggl


"No matter how many combos I try and like, I always find myself going back to Jane and Blanko Freedom13. The images are always clean and crisp, the colors rich and true, creating beautifully balanced images. This combo is perfect for taking into Oggl if I want to try another look as it has no edging or vignettes and responds well to other lens or film changes. India is a warm and colorful place and this combo was perfect for capturing the people and places I visited."
Connie Gardner Rosenthal


Combo #363 (Adria Ellis)

Lens:  Helga Viking 
Film:  Blanko 
Flash: off


"The Helga Viking lens combined with the Blanko film is the very first Hipsta combo I fell in love with. For the longest time it’s all I shot with; every image I took was with this combo. I like the simple white frame with the slim dark line. It adds just the right amount of brightness, contrast, and saturation to the image. It truly almost always works. It saves me from the little post production tweak that I usually end up doing when I’m shooting with the native iPhone camera."
Adria Ellis


Combo #367 (Guido Cubo Quadro)

Lens:  Eric 
Film:  RTV 
Using: Oggl


"I love the Eric lens for its contrast, brightness, color highlighting, and that particular feel that reminds me of graphic novels. For that reason, I paired it with the RTV film, which I tried for a series I shot in February, in Liguria.
The Cinque Terre is a rugged portion of coast on the Italian Riviera. Over the centuries, people have carefully built terraces on the rugged, steep landscape right up to the cliffs that overlook the sea. Part of its charm is the lack of visible corporate development. Paths, trains and boats connect the villages, and cars cannot reach them from the outside."

Guido Cubo Quadro


Combo #372 (David Brown)

Lens:  Eric 
Film:  Dixie 
Using: Oggl


"Today, Pride was very jubilant over the Supreme Court ruling! The crowds were enormous and it was like being in a huge moving cartoon. I chose the combo Eric lens & Dixie film for its ability to create precisely that cartoonish image."
David Brown


Combo #413 (Lori Hillsberg)

Lens:  Yoona 
Film:  Manneken 


"On a recent visit to Philadelphia, PA, I visited the Eastern State Penitentiary. It was once the most expensive prison in the world, and now it is used for tours and photography. It was not my plan to use one combo to capture the grit and decay but I saw how beautiful Yoona and Manneken worked together and I went with it."
Lori Hillsberg


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