Oggl s’adapte à l’iPad!

By on février 27, 2014

(Note pour les lecteurs francophones: en raison d'une surcharge de travail, il faudra patienter quelques jours pour une traduction de ce texte en français. Je m'en excuse.)

oggl_ipad_introNews from the Haus of Hipstamatic gives us Oggl on a new platform - the iPad! According to the presser, the iPad version will include a variety of interesting features, all designed to complement the iPad’s unique experience and functionality. 

For example, users will be able to experience Surf Mode, which, with a slight rotation of the device, will display a beautifully cascaded slideshow of photos from a user’s Oggl profile. But that’s not all! Users can also integrate the app with Apple TV and AirPlay, which will allow users to project live feeds during events, parties, concerts, or whatever it is you are hosting (The Hipstography Awards, for example ;)!

There is also a new function called the Notification Ticker. This is going to tease users by allowing them to keep track of loves, reposts, and curations on specific photos – including information from Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, and so on!
The previews for selecting new gear has a facelift as well, with what looks to be a more rapid process of making and previewing your selections.

Overall, the expansion seems to be a positive one and an increasing testament to Hipstamatic’s ever-increasing vision of art, creativity, and inspiration. You can subscribe to Oggl via the App store for $2.99 a quarter, or $9.99 a year!

I conclude by adding that you can obviously tag your photos with #hipstography if you wish to submit some for a publication on the site. I am of course on Oggl as @ericrozen .

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