Combo #569 (Polina Sarri)

By on octobre 7, 2017
Lens:  Libatique 73 (25%) 
Film:  Love 81 
Flash:  Apollo (40%) 
Exposure: -0.5 • Clarity: 50 • Shadows: +80 • Vibrancy: -20 • RGB: modified • Temperature: 7000 • Texture: 30
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"Norwegian wood"

"Underneath my hefty jacket and two layers of sweaters my heart melted when I visited Oslo, the Norwegian capital of stark beauty and untouched nature. Although I had fewer hours to shoot outdoors, sunset was around 5, I tried to capture the white light, the new architectural achievements, the parks, the mist, the icy sea, the vast horizon. There was a deafening silence in the streets because of the lack of cars and the only sound I remember was that of the soft crunch beneath my boots. People, bicycles, children and dogs were everywhere, all enjoying the open air living, regardless of the fierce cold and occasional snow. The sun, actually the lack of it, as it was hidden behind white clouds, created a hazy light with no contrast, no shadows, just an overall dreamy atmosphere. Sometimes you couldn’t see further than a few meters and people appeared from nowhere, like dark silhouettes in a thriller movie. In contradiction to the icy weather, the people are warm, friendly and kind. Cultural life is dominant and museums visits are part of their every day lives and, indeed, proved to be a shelter for me too. Not only for cultural enlightenment but also for refuelling my energy, for my next long stroll outside. Coffee shops with an air of nonchalance, are part of their daily entertainment and they are numberless. Their style, aligned with Scandinavian design principles, reminded me of the Beatles song, as Norwegian wood is so dominant in their decoration.
Trying to find the right combo for my first visit to Norway, I turned to Libatique. It's a peculiar lens, which I rarely use but seemed appropriate for the occasion, especially the brightness that brings in the center of the picture and makes everything stand out. The Love 81 film with its characteristic texture gave a vintage feel and Apollo warmed up the icy atmosphere with a peplum of soft light. So come visit Oslo with me, I ‘ll definitely return some day soon."
Polina Sarri


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