Combo #646 (Lara Khatchikian)

By on juillet 28, 2020
Lens:  Brady 
Film:  Djamma 
Flash:  Glow Pop 
Exposure: +0.1 • Shadows: +86 • Film Grain: 0
(Ce combo peut être téléchargé en bas de page)


"When I first created this combo, I had Beirut’s vibrant spirit in mind. I wanted an effect that would really ‘pop’ and stop one in his tracks, as well as celebrate the warmth and resilience of Lebanon’s soul that shines through the eyes of its people. Even though Lebanon is undergoing its worst ever crisis since decades, and chaos reigns all around, I can’t help but still be captivated by its fierce charm that colors my heart with so much love and beauty. This eclectic series is meant as a humble tribute to its people."
Lara Khatchikian

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