Combo #273 (Joaquin Montalvan)

By on September 15, 2014
Lens:  Madalena 
Film:  Big Up 
Flash: off


"I have always found the Madalena lens to be a bit too smokey, with detail falling off into the shadows, until I paired it with the Big Up film which seemed to mitigate that smokiness slightly. Also, I like the contrast of the bright and colorful borders of Big Up, when married with the darkness of Madalena. I decided to try this combo on Day 3 of my trip to Zion National Park. A day in which I hiked approximately 13 miles in the Narrows, most of it from within the Virgin River, in water that was sometimes nearly waist high in depth. While I was never completely alone, this did not decrease the sense of adventure, wonder, and danger.

Walking in rushing water, not knowing your next step, trying to maintain your balance, as you plant your foot on an unseen rock, hoping your foot lands on something solid, is both exhilarating and nerve wracking simultaneously. All the while, there is much beauty to see if you take the time to look. My favorite moment was when I spied a crow on a rock, and started making bird calls to distract him so I could get closer to him, he would cock his head and look around, till I was able to get to within 4 feet of him and snap his picture. "
Joaquin Montalvan


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