Combo #145 (Dror Blumberg)

By on July 13, 2013
Lens:  Madalena 
Film:  BlacKeys B+W 
Flash: off

"Sofia N Haggbom wrote about the Madalena lens that it's a lens for shadows. I like this definition and I agree with her. There is something opaque, gloomy and dark about Madalena. Like a private eclipse upon your lens. I love all the black and white film types that exist in Hipstamatic. I really can't name my fav. Whenever a new Hipstapak is released, I like to mix old with new and look for something fresh, special and unique.

I mixed Madalena with all the black and white films and I liked the results very much. This lens, Black's grace, makes the black blackest. This lens is like dark magic. I love using it at dusk, when the sun sets and the shadows lengthen. I took indoor and outdoor shots at the "magic hours". I used it for street photography and for portraits, using the natural light of the sun, and the result was superb."
Dror Blumberg

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