Combo #299 (Polina Sarri)

By on December 13, 2014
Lens:  Florence 
Film:  Blanko 
Flash: off


"This series of photos was taken in an old workshop of hand made boxes, in the centre of Athens. Actually, this craft is becoming rare nowadays in Greece and Mr. Dimitris Sotiropoulos is one of the very few craftsmen left. He has been practicing this manufacturing technique with skill and commitment, for over 60 years.
I decided to use Florence lens, one of my favorites, for its creamy and slightly vintage effect along with Blanko, a film with a clean white border, which I found to be appropriate in combination with the texture of paper and carton. In a space with limited daylight - given the fact that I didn’t want to use a flash or gel - the extra brightness that this film brought to the photo, was a valuable asset."

Polina Sarri

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