Combo #188 (Matthew Wylie)

By on December 8, 2013
Lens:  Madalena 
Film:  US1776 
Flash: off

"There's something about this combo that I really like, though I'm not sure exactly what it is. Maybe it is the vintage, muted feel of the Madalena lens combined with the grainy palette of the US1776 film, which, when used together, seem to produce a classic 'grit' that I find unique and appealing, especially for street photography. Unfortunately, the effect of the combo doesn't seem to truly show up on the iPhone and should be viewed on a larger computer screen to appreciate what the combo can produce - lots of fine, granular detail at work.

Or maybe it's just that I feel this is the go-to combo that The Clash would have used when on the road? In seriousness, the combo would work equally well for those who enjoy shooting rural photography, but perhaps want a different approach to the overall product. 'Sharpness is a bourgeois concept.' (H.C.B)"
Matthew Wylie


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