Combo #214 (Matthew Wylie)

By on February 24, 2014
Lens:  Lowy 
Film:  Blanko Bl4 
Flash: off

"The Lowy Pak combo is the most difficult combo I have used.  It is generally horrible in artificial light, the lens does not focus as quickly as other Hipstamatic lenses do, which complicates 'from the hip' attempts, and if you have too many yellow or brown hues in your composition, forget about it. However, it has become my go to combo for street photography in colour.  I love its borderless film and its pseudo-attempt at being an 'unfiltered' filter. If you are patient with it and gracefully experiment, it can produce some special, 'no frills/gimmicks images' - the types of images that I would bet have a better chance of surviving the 'aesthetic test of time' than other combos. Works best in sunlight with turquoise, pink, and orange hues - and when chasing the light, but you have to stop and steady yourself in order to catch it. Good luck!"
Matthew Wylie


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