Combo #224 (Sezgi Olgac)

By on March 30, 2014
Lens:  Lowy 
Film:  Blanko 1 
Flash: off

"I love this combo for many reasons. Recently, I started looking for minimalism in the pictures I see and create, and the clarity of the Lowy lens satisfied that urge. The depth of the Blanko 1 film only adds to Lowy’s pureness, making everything look wonderful to me. I use this combo in two different ways. Firstly, to take minimalist stills of objects I love, such as books or flowers. Secondly, to capture moments in Istanbul's streets, especially around the old, colorful buildings in places like Balat or Tarlabaşı. Both work very well. Thank you Hipstamatic for this lovely combo and inspiring me for the umpteenth time."
Sezgi Olgac


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