Combo #280 (Michael Housewright)

By on October 17, 2014
Lens:  Diego 
Film:  Uchitel 20 
Flash: off


"Hipstamatic, for me, is an expressive tool for sharing the feelings I have of a place, much more so than capturing precisely what I am seeing. When the Diego Lens and Uchitel 20 Film were launched, I felt emotions in the monochrome that are more akin to those I have when I write. Stripping away the color from an environment allows me to expose the core of a place. Angles, individual parts (like a gathering of seagulls against a normally blue and dominating ocean) are better represented without the intrusion of big color. This combo is just the vehicle for my work along the Pacific Coast. In this series I show you a place I have come to love deeply, and my love is apparent in the work. Few people, an imposing and craggy coast, and always a little fog.
Michael Housewright


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