Combo #295 (Deep Ghosh)

By on December 2, 2014
Lens:  John S 
Film:  AO BW 
Flash: off


"They say, "Once you learn how to ride a bicycle, you never ever forget", and I have never heard a story that speaks differently. I remember, I learnt how to ride one when I was seven or eight years old, and I have always loved the quaint charm of the classic Indian bicycle: its the everyman’s wings to a faster life. Visually, the bicycle has appealed to me because of its simple yet boldly beautiful design, and I’ve spent most of 2014 clicking photos of bicycles. I feel an odd connection to the juxtaposition of bicycles as they exist in our society, how they are perceived elsewhere in the world, and how I see it: as an object of wonder. This is a tribute to that imagination."
Deep Ghosh


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