Combo #361 (Nikki Farmer)

By on June 2, 2015
Lens:  Tejas 
Film:  Ina's 1935 
Flash: off


"When I travel I usually leave my choice of lens and film to chance. A quick shake and I had the Tejas and Ina's 1935 combo for my second trip to India. This combo was perfect for my trip because the warm tint captured the dust and the heat. Looking out of the car window in Gurgaon, I watched $4 million apartments being built next to a dirt road, while the sacred herds of cows relaxed in the shade on the construction site. The Taj Mahal was the same but this time I got to see it at sunrise, the middle of the day, and at sunset. It changed from a milky white to a light pink and then, finally to a warm golden glow. This combo captured all of it perfectly as well as all of the vibrant colors of the women's saris. I hope you enjoy the pictures I took in New Delhi, Agra, and Gurgaon with this combo."
Nikki Farmer

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