Combo #369 (Polina Sarri)

By on June 24, 2015
Lens:  Eric 
Film:  Manneken 
Flash: off


"What better location to try this combo than Semiramis, a hotel designed by cultural shaper Karim Rashid. Absolutely everything is a feast for the eyes, particularly the bright organically shaped furniture alongside the collection of contemporary art.
The Eric/Manneken combo brings out the vivid colours and suits the power of pop culture perfectly, so I had no second thoughts regarding the combo I should use. Eric is a lens filled with positive energy and Manneken a film reminiscent of the Polaroid era, therefore a winning combination to convey the feeling and the memorable experience of a place like this. The combo, as well as its separate elements, was love at first sight for me. I bet it will become a popular choice among you also. Enjoy!
Polina Sarri

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