Combo #399 (Alain Paris)

By on October 12, 2015
Lens:  Doris 
Film:  Manneken 
Flash:  Juicy Orange Gel 


"I mainly work in black and white and preferably with my favorite combo: Wonder/BlacKeys Supergrain. A few weeks ago, while I was visiting Marseille to complete a documentary film about Senegal, my host and best friend took me on a trip to discover the surrounding areas. I had fun using the “instant film” combo with Doris/Manneken/Juicy Orange Gel, in homage of the painter Cezanne. I always used to work with Polaroid, as long as the films were available, however the quality of “Impossible” is not that good so I don’t really use it anymore, which is quite frustrating. I love the Manneken film with its random traces of humidity and gelatin like effects, as it calls back to life my Polaroid impressions. I’m very grateful for Marseille’s amazing light…
PS: I secretly hope Hipstamatic will produce Polaroid 559 and 669 films… It might even allow me to get over the loss of my trusty Polaroid SX70."

Alain Paris


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