Combo #443 (Stavros Dimakopoulos)

By on March 21, 2016
Lens:  Mabel 
Film:  Otto 
Flash:  RedEye Gel 


"The pictures in this series record the "Halcyon Days" (calmer periods during the winter, when there are no storms) in Greece. Taken in various coastal areas, where people go to bask in the sun, go fishing or practice water sports,  the photos reflect this year's mild winter. The color palette of this combo consists of a yellowish base, provided by the Mabel lens, although there are various warm tones too, as a result of the RedEye Gel Flash. Otto film offers a considerably intense contrast, especially when shooting into the sun; the silhouettes appear to be rigid and dramatic, with heavy shadows, while the blue sky and sea are bathed in purple hues."
Stavros Dimakopoulos


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