Combo #444 (Nadja Franz)

By on March 24, 2016
Lens:  Jane 
Film:  Arjan 
Flash:  Standard 


"My roots are in classical black and white photography and my main interest has always been light. Pushing the limits of the Arjan BW/Jane combo was extremely rewarding. It was great to experiment with the combo's reaction to various outdoor lighting situations. I found this combo perfectly suited for both geometrical forms and for atmospheric lighting situations - such as fog. It is also very well suited for classical black and white photography when the natural light is moderate, flat and not too reflective. I enjoyed the surreal effect of this combo very much as you can add to this combo by composing with back light, or by using a flash to overexpose the highlights. By flattening the exposure you can intentionally claim this look to create very strong elements of composition. Arjan BW will be one of my favorite 'how to survive grey weather' combos."
Nadja Franz

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