Combo #48 (Simone Muresu)

By on December 21, 2012
Lens:  Hornbecker 
Film:  Rock BW-11 
Flash:  Cherry Shine 

"Hornbecker is named after photographer Chris Hornbecker and is part of the “NSW Always On FreePak” (NSW = Nike SportsWear). The main features of this lens are sharp and clean focus, high contrast, no vignette, no colour cast. Its main recognisable trait is an overexposure that increases the more surrounding light there is. Rock BW-11 film is part of the Nashville Hipstapak. It’s a high-contrast monochromatic film that tends to overexpose. It gives a grainy feel to prints with a dominant white cast and a shiny black frame. These two Hipsta components give extremely high contrast to pictures that can be pushed to the limit by adding the Cherry Shine flash in no led mode. Ideal for both street photography (graffiti, urban art, architecture) and breath-taking portraits/self-portraits."
Simone Muresu

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