Combo #488 (Sebastian Oskar Kroll)

By on October 5, 2016
Lens:  Johannes 
Film:  Strausberg 


"Kreuzberg is actually one of the most interesting districts in Berlin to me. Till 1989, it was directly adjacent to the Berlin Wall; not one of the better locations of the city, in other words. Lots of houses were empty, but after the German Reunion, it turned into a playground for squatters, artists, musicians, and people with other ideas about living in a capital city. Twenty seven years later, you still can smell the spirit of this era. A lot of people from all over the world still come and live here, together, in relatively small area.
I love the diversity of the people who live here. Although I'm not in line with all of the decisions made regarding integration, I do believe we all meet at eye level. And that's why Kreuzberg is such beautiful place. To me it means freedom. From the underground train, riding above ground, to the street art on the investment buildings, to the incognito bars and clubs. You have to discover it for yourself."

Sebastian Oskar Kroll


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