Combo #55 (aKwamarina @ iPhonehipsta)

By on January 3, 2013
Lens:  John S 
Film:  Pistil 
Flash: off

"The John S lens (part of the original 100 release) and Pistil film is one of my favourite combos! John S emphasises fabulously over-saturated hues, in particular the cooler spectrum blues and greens, which I like to use to over-dramatise the summer's strong light. I also really like the subtle vignetting effect which seems to respond to the intensity of ambient light. The Pistil film creates a high contrast classic black border reminiscent of 120 slide film and also adds a subtle faded band of light across the top half of the image, which looks a little like flare. These pictures were taken as part of a series shot in Nice, France, last year and the chosen combo illustrates the lush colours found in the markets and streets of this beautiful Mediterranean city."

About aKwamarina @ iPhonehipsta:
aKwamarina is a UK based events photographer specialising in mobile photography. She recently launched, a community based project aimed at promoting mobile arts, with the piXel revOlution exhibition held in central London in December 2012.

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