Combo #589 (Michel de Veld)

By on March 18, 2018
Lens:  Erie Gl 
Film:  Arjan 


"I like this combo because it lightens up the background and focuses on the darker subjects; people and their shadows. I don’t think it’s a good combo for cloud shots or nature, however. Arjan BW gives the pictures an old fashioned feel, but with many other lenses Arjan BW often turns out too dark. I combined it with Erie GL and that came out just right for me. I took these pictures on several walks and bike rides during the last winter months. The pictures are candid and most of them were taken from the hip.
Hipstamatic named this film after Arjan van der Horst, a very talented photographer. I’m glad I met Arjan once, on a Hipstawalk in Rotterdam, and sad that his life ended too quickly.
Michel de Veld


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