Combo #625 (Marialuisa Cortesi)

By on February 6, 2020
Lens:  Jane 
Film:  Ina's 1969 


"Habana noir" - Through the streets of Havana with Leonardo Padura and his fictional detective Mario Conde.

"Detective Mario Conde is a character created by Cuban novelist Leonardo Padura who wants to be a writer rather than a policeman. During his investigations drive along Havana’s streets visiting La Vibora, Santo Suarez, Havana Veja, El Vedado and often proclaims he wants to, some day, write something that's "squalid and moving." A subject that perfectly describes life in Havana!
I fell in love with Mario Conde who solves the most absurd cases in a fascinating and contradictory city. When I visited Cuba I went to the same barrios to find all the protagonists of the Havana Noir series and it was like hearing Mario singing his favourite bolero "Pasarán más de mil años, muchos más, / yo no sé si tenga amor, la eternidad, / pero allá tal como aquí, en la boca llevarás, / sabor a mí..."."

Marialuisa Cortesi


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