Combo #63 (Dror Blumberg)

By on January 13, 2013
Lens:  Salvador 84 
Film:  Alfred Infrared 
Flash: off

"The Salvador 84 lens is one of my favourite lenses because of its crazy wildcard features. It took a few tries to tame the colours of the lens and get a different result. I wanted something strong enough to neutralize the original colours and take my photos to the next level – another dimension. One extreme film that Hipstamatic offers is Alfred Infrared. This is a stiff and sharp film that looks like it’s splashing blood all over the shot. One day when I was returning from the office on foot, I saw an amazing sky, with the clouds of Armageddon, and it inspired me to combine this film with Salvador 84. The results seemed as if they were from another world: spatial views of a magical other world. This is one of my favourite combos. When I see a special landscape, I take out my iPhone and enter another reality."
Dror Blumberg

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