Combo #642 (Alon Goldsmith)

By on June 29, 2020
Lens:  Jane 
Film:  Rasputin (55%) 
Flash:  Laser Lemon Gel (15%) 
Clarity: 8 • Definition: 7 • Shadows: +42
(This combo can be downloaded on this page.)


"Forward to the Future"

"For me, participating in the BLM protests was complicated by fear of COVID-19. After serious deliberation, I attended two protests, one in Venice and one in Santa Monica. I did my best to physically distance myself from others by keeping to the periphery. This fed my sense of guilt about being someone who skirts around the edges of issues without getting fully involved. Regardless, it was rewarding and this resulting photo series gives expression to the experience.
The combo I used is a slight variation of Christine Mignon’s Combo #365."
Alon Goldsmith


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