Combo #74 (Katrin Sonntag)

By on January 28, 2013
Lens:  Jane 
Film:  Cano Cafenol 
Flash: off

"The photographs taken by Cano Cafenol using Jane's lens produce very clear images. There is hardly any overexposure. The pictures look as if they have been dipped in coffee. Their saturation is reduced. Therefore they convey a feeling of silence. The pictures seem to have fallen out of time. They remind us of old, faded hand-coloured photographs. Therefore this combo is suitable for motifs, whose date or origin you are not supposed to recognise at first glance. So you are able to time travel. Landscapes are just as suitable as objects as portraits. At the same time I was searching for a lens having fewer or no vignetting or irritating optical effects. I found these conditions by using Jane's lens."
Katrin Sonntag

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