Combo #86 (Romain Rohand)

By on February 25, 2013
Lens:  Watts 
Film:  Float 
Flash: off

"Normally I use John S.'s lens. However it really mutes colours and, for this subject, I wanted more saturated colours, if only to be sure the fake blood showed up well. That is why I chose the Watts. I quite like Float film and rarely use anything else. I like its grungy, old-fashioned look. That being said, this effect was somewhat neutralised, because I shot the pictures at night. It worked perfectly for the zombies (If you've seen the opening sequence of the Walking Dead, you'll agree I'm sure). As for lighting, I used my bike light or the Jolly rainbo 2x flash, if I didn't have my bike light handy. This wasn't a conscious choice. The flash just happened to be installed at the time. There is no time for flash selection for spur of the moment shots.   "
Romain Rohand

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