Combo #90 (Tammy George)

By on February 28, 2013
Lens:  Salvador 84 
Film:  Big Up 
Flash: off

"Random meets Random with this motley mix of a combo. Personally I love and adore the Big Up borders, and believe that each and every one of them is capable of shining like the stars that they are. But I am also keenly aware that not all borders suit all photos. But believe me when I tell you, that when Lady Serendipity smiles upon you… those wacky borders can truly transform a cool photo into a WOW photo!

Similarly, Salvador 84 doles out 4 different double exposure combinations (180º flip both horizontally and vertically, enlarged rotation and enlarged overlay). Like the borders of Big Up, Sal's FX work better with certain subjects. I tend to shoot simple subjects against a neutral background, allowing the FX to be clearly seen in the overlapping &/or mirroring. That being said, I have also shot some pretty fabulous complex scenes with Sal. (Something that many folks fail to notice in all of the flipping and flopping of exposures, is that Sal actually casts an amber glow and a sharp focus upon your shots.)

Like my fellow Big Up photographers this week have mentioned… the trick is to simply shoot each shot multiples times and prepare to be surprised at how much you just may like a bright pink border. And it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that with a random film + a random lens I am going to tell you that you will need to shoot even more shots of each shot to land on a winning mash-up. But it's so worth it! So go forth Hipsta Fans… load up Sal + Big Up + a lot of patience, a fully charged battery and have a blast!"
Tammy George

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