‘Characters of NYC’ by Lori Hillsberg

By on March 4, 2018

Lori-Hillsberg-Characters-of-NYC-portraitName: Lori Hillsberg
Hometown: Queens, NY
Resides: Westchester County, NY
Profession: Insurance Agent
Hobbies: Photography, yoga, and of course Hipsta!
Hipstographer since: 2011
Year of Birth: No way, Jose

Favorite Combo:  Tejas  +  Stand Up 
Favorite Lens:  Lowy 
Favorite Film:  AO BW 
Favorite Flash:  Triple Crown 

"Everywhere you look, you will find interesting people out about in New York City. Along with my new found love of the 16:9 framing, I feel as though it captures these slices of NYC life."
Lori Hillsberg


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