‘Food for thought’ by Lori Hillsberg

By on September 15, 2018

Lori-Hillsberg-Characters-of-NYC-portraitName: Lori Hillsberg
Hometown: Queens, NY
Resides: Westchester County, NY
Profession: Insurance Agent
Hobbies: Photography, yoga, and of course Hipsta!
Hipstographer since: 2011
Year of Birth: No way, Jose

Favorite Combo:  Tejas  +  Stand Up 
Favorite Lens:  Lowy 
Favorite Film:  AO BW 
Favorite Flash:  Triple Crown 

"Although I am personally not a vegan, I respect the message and the passion vegans share. The photos were taken in the Flatiron District in Manhattan and the groups message was carried down to the East Village and beyond."
Lori Hillsberg


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