Photo of the day by Christy K Heffernan

By on September 3, 2013
Lens:  Lucifer VI 
Film:  Dylan 
Flash: off


"Capitol in White Hot Flames"

"September, 2012. Back home on a business trip last summer, one lovely, but drizzly night, I set out to shoot a whole series of photos of the Capitol Building. Starting from the Bartholdi Fountain all the way up as close as I could get to the Capitol Building, with the nightwatch security men in place, I was able to get a good amount of shots off before being asked what my intentions were. The men had been watching me and didn't believe I could take any good shots on my phone without a flash in weather like that. So I kindly offered to show them what I had been doing, and they were quite impressed. But when I asked to take a picture of them in uniform, I was denied. I was allowed to take away my "flamed" shots of Capitol though, which seemed to actually amuse the guards."
Christy K Heffernan

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