‘Into the Woods’ by Leslie Burnside

By on January 23, 2013

leslie_burnside_portrait Name: Leslie Burnside
Hometown: Akron, Ohio
Resides: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Profession: retired - former travel agent
Hobbies: photography, travel, hiking, skiing
Hipstographer since: October, 2011
Year of Birth: 1952

Favorite combo: Jane/BlacKeys B+W
Favorite lens: Foxy or Libatique
Favorite film: Kodot XGrizzled
Favorite flash: cadet Blue Gel

"Hipstamatic was the first camera app I downloaded after I got my iPhone 4s. I love to experiment with different combos and I am quite active in Hipstamatic challenges on Instagram and mobitog.com, always interested in learning something new. I have had great results with the NSW pak, using the AO DLX film for crisper shots with dramatic light and the AO BW film for a softer, more dreamy vintage look."
Leslie Burnside

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