‘Land of Fire and Ice’ by Angelique Manchanda-Peres

By on July 1, 2015

Angelique-Manchanda-Peres-India-portraitName: Angelique Manchanda-Peres
Hometown: Bombay, India
Resides: Toronto, Canada
Profession: Book reviewer
Hobbies: Textiles, Photography, Plant Science, Organic cosmetics, Travel literature
Hipstographer since: 2010
Year of Birth: Ummm

Favorite Combo: Currently  Eric  +  Manneken 
Favorite Lens:  Ray Mark II 
Favorite Film:  Blanko BL4 
Favorite Flash: Don't have one

"Iceland, fondly known as the "Land of Fire and Ice" has the most interesting topography of any place you will ever visit. I have tried hard to come up with a word that would suitably describe the terrain - some have used the adjectives "ethereal", "dramatic", "shockingly beautiful", "bleak", "magical", "stormy" and so on, but prehistoric or alien, describes it best of all. The best part? The physical geography is changing all the time, the landscape today might not be the landscape we see 20 years from now and you have the continued effects of volcanic activity and glacier weathering to thank for that. The entire country is a textbook of geography phenomena and if that subject is even remotely fascinating for you, I would recommend you flight out there as quickly as you can."
Angelique Manchanda-Peres


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