‘London Streets Wanderer’ by Carlos Da Costa

By on January 4, 2021

Carlos-Da-Costa-London-Streets-Wanderer-portraitName: Carlos M da Costa
Hometown: London, UK
Resides: London, UK
Profession: Food safety supervisor
Hobbies: Photography and watercolours
Hipstographer since: August 2011
Year of Birth: 1972

Favorite Combo:  Ray Mark II  +  AO DLX  +  Triple Crown 
Favorite Lens:  Jack London 
Favorite Film:  Robusta 
Favorite Flash:  Triple Crown 

"In the photography section of a bookshop, the least interesting shelves for me are the technical books. I am much more interested in looking at great photographs, especially street photography. I wonder the streets of London with nothing particular in mind to photograph, I see colour and geometrical shapes and people coming together and forming the core of what I think is my style.
Hipstamatic helped me to understand what I like in photography like no other medium did and I am thankful for that."
Carlos M da Costa


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