‘Multi-Exposure With Red Maple Leaf’ by Kat Meininger

By on January 6, 2020

Kat-Meininger-Red-Maple-Leaf-portraitName: Kat Meininger
Hometown: Allendale, NJ
Resides: Laurel, DE
Profession: Retired Podiatrist
Hobbies: Photography, Reading, Gardening
Hipstographer since: 2012
Year of Birth: 1952

Favorite Combo:  Anne-Marie  +  Djamma  +  Apollo  
Favorite Lens:  Stavros 
Favorite Film:  Robusta 
Favorite Flash:  Apollo 


"This is a series of shots, taken with the Hipstamatic Multi-Exposure option, of a dark red maple leaf against a white background. I used Florence lens and Robusta film specifically to add a vintage sepia tone and bit of grunge texture to the photos. To brighten them up a bit, I added Standard flash and set Clarity at 30 in the Hipstamatic editing suite.
Multi-exposures can be a bit challenging, but if you’re willing to experiment, they can produce some very satisfying results. I find it works best using a dark subject, such as the red leaf, against a light background. I shoot this dark image first, then I shoot a pattern, such as a piece of plaid fabric, with the second shot. The dark area will then pick up whatever pattern you shoot over it in the second shot, while the white background absorbs the rest of the pattern, leaving only the darkened area with the pattern overlay."
Kat Meininger


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