‘My 2019 Hipstamatic Year’ by Lee Atwell

By on January 13, 2020

Lee-Atwell-portfolio-2019-portraitName: Lee Atwell
Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada
Resides: Seattle, Washington U.S.A.
Profession: Yoga instructor and yoga studio owner
Hobbies: Photography and spending time in nature
Hipstographer since: 2011

Favorite Combo:  Lowy  +  Bream  +  Apollo 
Favorite Len:  Lowy 
Favorite Film:  Bream 
Favorite Flash:  Apollo 

"Since I was first introduced to the Hipstamatic app in 2011 it has been like a best friend, a constant companion, and even on days I’m not out shooting photos I usually spend time editing old photos with new lens, film and flash combinations. I’m always amazed at how a photo taken with not the best light, can look completely transformed with a few ‘darkroom’ edits - Hipstamatic magic!
I’m also grateful that this app has helped me process and get through difficult times - being able to have such an accessible creative outlet has been a healing salve for me over the years. However, it’s also the connections that I’ve made over the years with other Hipsta addicts that has fed me - from the beginning days of Hipstamatic Sardinia and Hipstography and more recently, Hipsta 365.
These 2019 Hipstamatic photos are a selection from places where I’ve lived that are my favorite inspirations for photography - the Pacific Northwest, New Mexico and the central California coast."
Lee Atwell


This portfolio is part of the showcase "Sacred Lands" by Lee Atwell.

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