Photo of the day by Jan-Yv Lwazo

By on December 9, 2013
Lens:  Tejas 
Film:  Blanko Noir 
Flash: off

"This photo is part of a series on reflections, which I started in April 2012, on Instagram (@lwazo). I was looking for an adequate support to photograph marbles on and what I found produced marvelous reflections. At the right angle, and with the right light conditions, I can shoot away for over an hour in my room, the only place where all the necessary conditions come together. The series consists mainly of flowers but, every now and then, it also features fruits and random objects.

Hipstamatic very quickly became my main player, because I couldn't get that kind of quality anywhere else. Over time, other applications surfaced, with more options, whether for shooting or editing purposes. These days, I'm thrilled with Oggl, which allows me the control of 6X6 and offers the Hipstamatic treatment, which is unrivaled in my opinion. I do everything on an iPhone 4 and despite a few buttons giving up the ghost, it's still hanging in there."
Jan-Yv Lwazo


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