Photo of the day by Martine Jellema

By on December 15, 2013
Lens:  Americana 
Film:  Blanko C16 
Flash: off

"The mangroves at Beachmere (Queensland, Australia) are a photographer’s delight. I love driving there in the middle of the night to photograph the sunrise behind the trees – especially at high tide, when the conditions are just right for long-exposure photography. On this particular excursion, in October 2013, I got to the beach about an hour after high tide. I waded into the water, set up my tripod and took a series of long exposures with my DSLR. In between the long exposures, I snapped some Hipstamatic shots. This is the best of that lot, I think. Mother Nature presented me with the composition; the turquoise cast and blurry patches are courtesy of the Americana lens."
Martine Jellema

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