Photo of the day by Paride Ficente

By on December 15, 2014
Lens:  G2 
Film:  DreamCanvas 
Using: Oggl


"The dichotomy light/shade - where the light is the truth, the salvation, while the shadows are a distorted and misleading semblance of reality - is rooted in the myth of Plato and perpetuated over the centuries. The most fascinating aspect of the shadows gave birth to the most fanciful interpretations of their meaning in all literature and, to the art of manipulation, expressed by Chinese shadow theater.
An actress earned a strong reprimand from the director, on the background the color lines used to test a video projector. What intrigued me is that the colors matched their mood perfectly : red for anger, blue for sadness. I was lucky to catch the moment."

Paride Ficente

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