Photo of the day by Barbara Pyle

By on September 7, 2015
Lens:  Leonard 
Film:  Indio 
Flash:  Triple Crown 
Using:  Multiple Exposure Kit 


"My approach for multis is basically one of trial and error, and lots of shooting. I like to visualise a grid (up/down/center) on the iPhone screen to help line-up and compose more precisely centered flip multi-exposures.
For the flip I use the portrait orientation lock (ON), which also helps to overlap specific portions of both images. I've discovered that overcast days work well for captures with sky and buildings, or trees (the three main components of this image). I tend to use a flash like Triple Crown or Jolly Rainbo 2x for one of the two images, to help underexpose the double image = double light.
The buildings in this image are 17th century homes on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. I often ride my bike to this inspirational spot to experiment with different Hipstamatic lenses/films/flashes for multi-exposure compositions."

Barbara Pyle

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