Photo of the day by Clare Taylor

By on October 20, 2017
Lens:  Vincent 
Film:  Comet 
Flash:  Standard 
Depth of Field: 84 • Texture: 28 • Grain: 32


"The Multi-Exposure function is one that has intrigued and challenged me for a long time and I’ve spent many frustrating hours trying to capture something I like. I love the sense of the unexpected when using multi-exposures, because despite having a plan (of sorts) the result is often a surprise.
I took the silhouette shot in front of a lightly curtained window and then took the second exposure of a glass tile with a rainbow pattern. I was particularly pleased with the fractured effect created by the tile grouting and the vibrant colours.
I read a Hipstography article in 2015 by Polina Sarri on her beautiful "Urban People" series. This inspired me to try the technique and I have been experimenting ever since. I guess this image is the result of much trial and error."

Clare Taylor

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