Photo of the day by Clif Wright

By on March 29, 2014
Lens:  Wonder 
Film:  Blackeys Extra Fine 
Flash: off


"I took this photograph of trick roper, Kevin Fitzpatrick in March of 2013 at the annual Rodeo Austin Cowboy Breakfast using the Wonder Lens and BlacKeys SuperGrain in Hipstamatic Classic. The low sun and clear sky made for perfect lighting. For this photo, I decided to shoot against the light with the sun directly behind Kevin to capture a silhouette of him and his audience. I really like the strong graphic result with the rope snaking off the frame to camera left. The rim lighting of the child in the bottom left hinting at his features is a nice bonus. I couldn't have had a better morning and made several additions to my ongoing Hipstamatic series, 'The Myth of Texas'."
Clif Wright


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