Photo of the day by Davyd

By on October 28, 2013
Lens:  Loftus 
Film:  Robusta 
Flash: off

"Hipstamatic is my favourite photography application. I particularly like the 'shake to randomize' function, because it's a complete surprise every time, whether good or bad. There's also no need to edit pictures afterwards, and that's exactly what I like about it. I'm really not looking for the perfect shot, just a photo that evokes a memory or an emotion... This picture was taken last July, during my holidays in Charente-Maritime. The Common Hollyhock is a plant you come across everywhere, over there. The flowers really can be any colour at all...
The combo Loftus + Robusta was one of these pleasant surprises. It gives the picture a certain 'patina'; there's a simplicity about it which evokes a certain nostalgia. Loftus adds a depth to the picture with its very soft blurriness. The colours keep their natural hues, while being slightly saturated and a strong contrast. I decided to shoot the picture from below, in order to get the sky in the background. The Loftus effect also emphasizes the height of the plant, that smells so sweetly of long summer days in the countryside."


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